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The HPRM Town Hall is now scheduled for 7 p.m. on Tuesday October 2, 2018 @ Belvedere Amenity Center.

Please RSVP to for gate access.


PROVENCE: We have recently learned that Representative Paul Workman is assisting Provence developer Jim Meredith to get more water rights from the WTCPUA. Recall that Meredith and John Hatchett originally asked for 1837 LUEs (water taps) from the PUA but was only granted 700 due to capacity limitations of the Hamilton Pool Road water line. However, Meredith has continued to lobby the PUA for the remaining 1137 LUEs. In May he enlisted Representative Workman who arranged a meeting with the PUA and subsequently followed up with a letter which included “Based on the meeting and subsequent discussions with Mr. Meredith, I believe that an agreement can be reached that is mutually beneficial for the WTCPUA, Mr. Meredith/Masonwood, and the owner of the remaining lands …”  (referring to the Hatchett tract). So far the PUA has not acted on this recommendation. But we are concerned, of course, because of Representative Workman’s considerable political influence.

Please email the PUA, urging them not to grant the Provence developer any additional LUEs. Also consider sending a message to Representative Workman asking him to withdraw his support for the project because of the impact that 1000 more homes would have on Hamilton Pool Road traffic and the health of Little Barton Creek. 

WTCPUA email should be sent to: with a request to copy the board members. For Representative Workman, send email to:

There has been some significant recent activity regarding Masonwood West. Below is a summary of the Travis County Commissioners Court meetings on 2/28 and 3/7 and information regarding the upcoming WTCPUA board meeting. This meeting will be held on Thursday 3/16 @ 10:00am @ Bee Cave City Hall. Your attendance at this meeting is requested to demonstrate the community’s strong opposition to the developers request to seek 1,137 additional water hookups (LUE’s). HPRM and other neighbors plan to address the board. Please come show your support. If you can not attend please consider sending an email to the PUA board members via to express your concerns.


Masonwood West is now called Provence. The Provence preliminary plan/plat for Phase I (683 homes) came up for approval at the Travis County Commissioners Court meeting on February 28th.  At that meeting a number of HPR Matters members and other HPR property owners were in the audience and expressed community’s overwhelming concerns about this project. This included concerns about water quality, water availability & traffic safety. Specifically we requested that the Provence plat get a special annotation obligating the developer to abide by the environmental conditions that were included in the WTCPUA contract. You may recall that this included the requirements to conform to a 20% impervious cover limit and to the TCEQ’s Optional Enhanced Measures. These measures are more stringent than what the County requires.  With an eye to protecting Little Barton Creek, we wanted the County to be a co-monitor and co-enforcer with the PUA on these environmental protection requirements.

Despite the vigorous objections by the developer’s attorney, the Commissioners delayed the vote one week and ultimately voted to side with the community!  The following language will be formally included in the Provence plat notes:

“To the extent required by the agreement to provide utility service to the subdivision by WTCPUA or any subsequent utility provider, development in the subdivision shall comply with environmental and water quality requirements that are more stringent than Travis County regulations. The County will deny approval of a final plat based on this note only if the utility (by official act of its governing authority or authorized representative) determines the final plat doesn’t comply with the Agreement then in effect and may be amended.”

WTCPUA BOARD MEETING (3/16 10:00am Bee Cave City Hall):

Having some success with the County, we are now faced with a threat at the WTCPUA. Item VII.a of PUA Board meeting calls for Board consideration of a request by Provence (Masonwood/Hatchett) for an additional 1,137 LUEs which would allow them to build out the subdivision as originally envisioned (total of 1,837 LUEs). The requester is MUD 22 which was established by Hatchett and Masonwood.

Please see the backup material for this agenda item. In net, the PUA can hypothetically deliver the 1,137 LUEs by undertaking a large capital improvement project that would cost the developers nearly $8M more than they have already committed. This is a big number, but keep in mind that the developer will not need the additional water for many years. In the meantime the developer can sell lots in Phase 1 and/or float bonds to pay for the infrastructure needed for Phase 2. Chief among the improvements would be a new $4M pipe on HPR parallel to the existing pipe.

The biggest fear is that all of this expansion of water capacity on HPR could enable/encourage even further dense development. In addition we are concerned existing customers may end up with rate increases should the estimated costs increase.

We are asking the community to show up on Thursday to demonstrate our opposition to this request. We can not be specific on what time the agenda item will come up. Historically the PUA has been unwilling to set aside a specific time period for consideration of an particular agenda item. Unfortunately this item is near the end of the published agenda. If you don’t want to speak, that’s fine. It’s sufficient to have concerned neighbors and customers in the audience. Remember if you can not attend you can also express your concern by sending an email to