Proposed 1,637 Home Subdivision On HPR

Updated at 8/27/2015:

HPRM has been successful in being granted two contested case hearings with the TCEQ regarding the Masonwood/Hatchett permit requests for a MUD and waste water treatment plant (WWTP). The MUD case has been proceeding and is now set to go to “trial” on September 14th.  The WWTP permit case was granted July 1st and will drag on for another nine months.   As a result the development has been stymied on getting the permits needed to start development and they remain limited by the WTCPUA to 700 homes for water.  Despite these set backs Masonwood continues to pursue the permits needed to go forward with the full 1,683 home and a commercial development.

Recently, John Hatchett and Masonwood Development have requested a mediation session to  broker a negotiated settlement so they can begin the development process sooner.  HPRM, Shield Ranch, and Daniel Jones, who all have standing in at least one of the TCEQ contested cases, have agreed it is in the best interest to try and settle.  This will allow the introduction of a number of issues such as road safety, subdivision aesthetics, buffer zones and other items not covered in the TCEQ permit process. A mediation session with the State Office of Administrative Hearings (SOAH) is set for September 9th. Once it begins the discussions will become confidential and therefore you may not see an update on progress until a settlement is reached or negotiations die.

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There will be an update meeting at the Belvedere Amenities Center on March 26, 2015 at 6:00 p.m.


The developer applied for water service with Water Control and Improvement District 17 (Lakeway area). The Board voted unanimously decline to serve the proposed development at this time.


Public Hearing at the TCEQ on HPR Matters’ contested case hearing request. Both the Executive Director of the TCEQ and the Office of Public Interest Counsel recommended standing for HPR Matters. The TCEQ Commissioners unanimously voted to send the matter to the State Office of Administrative Hearings for a Contested Case Hearing. The first hearing on the matter will be on March 18, 2015.


The West Travis County Public Utility Agency voted 4-1 to approve a Non-Standard Service Agreement to provide water for 700 homes to Masonwood West.


The TCEQ held a public meeting on the waste water treatment plan permit application. Over 100 people attended the meeting with most were there to protest the Masonwood West development. The TCEQ expects to provide their comments around sixty days after the public meeting.


Masonwood Development is proposing a sixteen hundred home subdivision on Hamilton Pool Road (“HPR”). Click Here to see the proposed subdivision.  Think about that for a minute: 1,637 homes on a two-lane road whose total development between TX 71 and RM 12 is less than the total of the proposed development. The proposed development should not be confused with the Masonwood 71 (“Bella Colinas”) subdivision being developed on TX 71 which has already been approved and is about an eighth the size of the Hatchett Tract. A “by the numbers” breakdown is at the bottom of this post.

Masonwood submitted a Service Availability Request in May 2013 but the West Travis County Public Utility Agency (“PUA”) did not notify the public of the specifics. The May 23, 2013 PUA minutes show that Ted McConaghy of ATX Planning submitted a request and made comment about extending service along HPR on behalf on an unnamed developer. Upon information and belief that developer is Jim Meredith of Masonwood. The PUA made no effort to gain input from those effected by the development and then on October 17, 2013 agreed in principle to provide a service availability letter to Masonwood. The service availability letter was provided to Masonwood on November 6, 2013.

In effect the PUA agreed to conduct a feasibility study, possibly funded by Masonwood Development, to determine the cost to upgrade the water supply line that feeds the HPR pipeline (we don’t know since we have not seen the request or the PUA letter). The PUA has tentatively indicated they could provide service to the proposed development if the developer pays for the costs associated with expanding the supply line from the PUA plant on TX 71 down to HPR and if the PUA votes to enter into a Nonstandard Water Service Agreement with the developer.

None of this takes into consideration the increase in traffic on HPR between TX 71 and RM 12. The most recent traffic counts for this section shows an average daily traffic count of 8,400 vehicles. Let’s assume the proposed development has a single vehicle per home and that each vehicle makes two round trips per day. Using a 9.1 planning factor traffic along Hamilton Pool Road would likely increase by more than 184%.

Our concerns must be heard. We must attend, in full force, every PUA meeting, every Travis County Commissioners meeting, We must register our concerns with members of the WTCPUA Board of Directors, Commissioner Gerald Daugherty, Precinct Three Commissioner, and Masonwood Development.


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