Hamilton Pool Road Matters, Inc. (“HPR Matters”) is a Texas nonprofit corporation whose purposes include protection of the natural environment along and near Hamilton Hamilton Pool Road.

HPR Matters particularly seeks to protect surface water and groundwater sustainability, as well as minimize the adverse impact of the contamination or use of such waters on area residents and West Travis County Public Utility Agency ratepayers. These purposes also include protection of the economic interests of residents in Southwestern Travis County and Northern Hays County, including the economic interests of water and wastewater utility customers.

HPR Matters further seeks to encourage responsible conservation development, mindful of the environmentally sensitive nature of the land, creeks, and the Barton Creek Watershed along Hamilton Pool Road. The purposes of the organization also include participation in government decisions affecting these concerns by all available means, including participation in administrative proceedings. Additionally, such purposes include the pursuit of litigation related to these concerns as the organization considers to be appropriate or necessary.